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Understanding the Sizes Attribute and Next.js Image Component

This post explains the tricky parts of using the sizes attribute and Next.js' Image component. It's useful for both beginners and experienced developers.

CSS Nesting Gotchas Part One

Ever wonder why some nested CSS rules just don't work? The culprit might be the confusing role of type selectors. Learn what to avoid and why.

Advantages of Contract Work

Thinking of venturing into the dynamic world of contracting? In this post, I distill learning from 1 year in the field of contracting.

Tailwind UI is the IKEA of CSS Frameworks

Why building using Tailwind UI is comparable to building IKEA furniture.

A New Era for my Website

In 2020 times had changed, read on to learn about that previous incarnation.

Create a Platform Agnostic Design System

I was hired as consultant to conceive, create, & handover a unified design system. It became a single source of truth for all front-end design at N Brown.