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John Pendleton

Morgan delivered a stable and extensible website with a comprehensive handover at the end of the project. I would hire him again without question.

John Pendleton, Technical director, Paramount Software (Macrium)

Mark Booth

Morgan provided outstanding solutions at all stages in the process, always driven to provide the best for both the business and our customers.

Mark Booth, UI Design Manager, simplybe.co.uk

Darío Alejandro Álvarez Borrero

Morgan's knowledge and experience were fundamental to our product.

Darío Alejandro Álvarez Borrero, Developer architect, Content+Cloud

Lee Cooper

Morgan was pivotal in spearheading and implementing a design system for a multitude of applications.

Lee Cooper, Director of Software Engineering, UK Flooring Direct

James McKenzie

He was a go-to developer for some of the more complex challenges we faced.

James McKenzie, Lead Delivery Manager, N Brown Group

Marinka Krel

I would highly recommend Morgan.

Marinka Krel, Lead UX/UI Designer, Protokol

David Andreu

Highly recommended.

David Andreu, Tech Lead, Metanomic