What I'm doing Now


I'm always looking out for my next opportunity, somewhere on the intersection between UI design and front-end development using React, Next.js and various component related technologies is a good fit, get in touch if you have a position such as this.

I'm available at short notice for freelance or contract opportunities.


I'm happily married to Yuanyuan and Father to 2 brilliant kids. We live in Cheshire, up North.

Improving this website incrementally

This website started as an M.V.P. during the first Covid lockdown, I continue to work on it, adding features that I prioritise using Trello, which helps immensely when several ideas compete for priority.

None of the original designs for my website included a typical navigation or header component, the kind you expect at the top of the viewport—not much use when I only have a few pages—I like the idea of a traditional index page being the navigation.
You might notice things change as I continue to experiment.

I'm not Wolverine

I am trying to keep up Judo, there's nothing quite like it, the only problem is picking up frequent annoying injuries! I'm not Wolverine, my body doesn't heal like his, I wish it did.


I recently started reading So Good They Can't ignore You, after reading about it from Derek Sivers' website.


A couple of years ago (more than likely during lockdown) I re-decorated my victorian house from top to bottom with my Dad whilst Yuanyuan looked after the kids, I regularly maintain it when I have spare time.