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You've been there before

You’ve been there and done v1 of your website, over time you’ve added to it, plugged in various features, and now it’s become bloated, slow, inconsistent, or generally hard to work with, so how do you go about creating v2 without making the same mistakes?

Content, content, content

You need content; this is what drives everything else, the layouts, format, and this includes optimising for different devices. As you’ve been there and already done v1, you know what your content looks like. You could have categories, or other taxonomies, and want to leverage that content to full effect, v2 is your opportunity to do that.

Grabbing an off-the-shelf template isn’t going to help you here, you want something tailored towards your specific content and brand, and don’t want to shoe-horn your content into it, or hack away at an off-the-shelf theme, as it can lead to a flaky product.

Make sure your branding is on-point

Branding is more than a logo, it's tone-of-voice, imagery, content, layout, fonts, colours, graphics, components, ease-of-use, imagery, the whole package. Your new designs have to take all of this into account.


Designing a range of templates, with reusable components, will allow you to publish content that is framed just how you want it to be. e.g. landing page templates, blog page templates, category page templates, etc. by making elements re-usable, and composable you get consistency for free.

Choose a CMS

You need the freedom to create content when it suits you, without the help of a developer. Choosing a suitable CMS that can be configured in a way that you understand is going to be the thing that enables your productivity or prohibits it.

And hooking it up to your templates is the ultimate super-power for you as a marketer.

You need the flexibility to re-order content, without things breaking, or looking clunky, and the ability to pick and choose your templates when, and as it suits you.

Think: being able to launch promotions on-demand.

Keep it simple

You’ve been to configuration hell and come back craving simplicity; as it won’t give you headaches and makes your life easy, and saves you time.


You know about tools like Hotjar and Google Analytics, and want to leverage them in order to be able to iterate and adjust as you learn about what works and what doesn’t.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

A well-structured website generates more leads, simple. You already have an idea of how SEO can be leveraged to drive organic traffic to your website, and want to improve on it with v2.

How do we make a start?

Have you considered the following:

  • Budget
  • Goals
  • Time-frame

If you have, understand what your goals are, and want to discuss them, schedule a free, no obligation, discovery-call, or send me a message.

Saul Painter, Marketing Manager

Morgan was efficient, professional, proactive and helpful at every step of the way. He was always willing to keep up with our changing needs during the entire process. It was a pleasure to work with him.

Saul Painter, Marketing Manager, Macrium Software


How important is choosing the right CMS?

There are a lot of content management systems, picking the right one for you and your capability is crucial if you want autonomy.

I can work with you to help establish something suitable based on your goals.

I usually use Strapi, WordPress or Contentful, but I'm open to other Content Management Systems.

What's configuration hell?

Some developers, even though their hearts are in the right place, don’t always get it right when it comes to configuring a CMS backend for a non-technical user.

Over the years, I’ve seen things that would make your eyes water, I call it configuration hell, and I’m not taking you there!

I always step into your shoes, and use the CMS as you would. I’m empathetic, I'm not here to tick a series of boxes to meet a brief that could be completely upside down in reality.

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